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"What can you do to change the world? What can you do to change the world with 1 million USD? We are very enthusiastic to offer you a once in a life time experience for the first time in JU. Join Hult Prize JU's competition and get the chance to represent your idea in one of the regional competitions across the world"

Alia Mostafa

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Hult Prize Preparation Race

Time: 10:00 PM
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016
Venue: B1033
Location: Jönköping University
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Hult Prize JU's competition day

Time: 9:00 PM
Date: Friday, November 25, 2016
Venue: Kurt Juhannson Aula - Hälso
Location: Jönköping University
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Marie Brander
CEO Coompanion in Jönköping Region
Coompanion creates new solutions for societal challenges, mainly through various of development projects. Social innovations and social entrepreneurship are both important aspects that Coompanion is working with on a daily basis. Currently, many of the tasks and projects Coompanion are undertaking have integration as a focus. On behalf of Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) Coompanion is providing business development for people who start and run business together aimed at addressing societal challenges. Coompanion is available throughout all of Sweden but is regionally owned by municipalities, cooperatives, education institutes and non-governmental actors. Marie Brander has been working for the past eleven years at Coompanion and the last three years as a CEO here in Jönköping. Through her work at Coompanion, Marie has met many entrepreneurs where profits in their enterprises are not the major goal but rather means to achieve something else – to contribute to social change
Mariana Morosanu
Co-founder of Integrera Mera
Mariana Morosanu, COB Integrera Mera non-profit association that aims to act in order to minimize exclusion in the Swedish society as well as to achieve a faster and more effective integration. Mariana is the initiator of a variety of integration projects. She is the project manager for the project "Integration är tillväxt" that aims to achieve labour market integration by strengthening the position of the individual, both socially, through mentoring, and professionally, through study visits and networking events with relevant employers. The targetted audience: newly arrived and asylum seekers with training or education in health care and technology/industry (about 60 participants).
Joshka Wessels
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Peace and Conflict Studies
Dr. Joshka Wessels is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Peace and Conflict Studies with a focus on the Middle East and Water in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University in Sweden. Her specific interests are in media, water, peace & conflict in the Middle-East, Syria, Israel, Palestine, political ecology, sustainable development and the interaction between people and the environment. After over ten years of research experience in dry areas and having been involved in various qanat projects, Joshka is an expert consultant in the rehabilitation of these sustainable ancient water systems throughout the MENA region. She is also an established professional environmental documentary filmmaker, having worked for international broadcasters such as Television trust for the Environment (TVE), BBC World and Al Jazeera English.
Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas
PRME Project Manager


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